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May 8 in San Antonio history...

The proposition to create Romana Plaza  at the north end of Soledad, which has been under discussion by interested citizens for several years, is to have the serious consideration of the City Council, it was learned today.


The newspapers (right) confirm the rumors that Germany has surrendered. Most of San Antonio’s downtown retail stores close in celebration of V-E Day.  Torn bits of newspaper cascade from the windows of the Majestic, Woolworth and Gunter Buildings when President Truman’s 8 a.m. radio address confirms the news.  Mrs. Porfiria Estrada crawls six blocks from her home to Our Lady of Guadalupe church in gratitude that her two soldier sons’ lives were spared during the war.

A local housewife named Marilyn Monroe revealed she has received numerous crackpot telephone calls because she shares the name with the curvaceous actress.

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