Sunday, June 13, 2021

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May 11 in San Antonio history...

The cornerstone of San Fernando Cathedral is laid.

Newspapers across the nation announce that six lunch counters were desegregated in Nashville yesterday.  The New York Times reports that this is believed to be the first general lunch counter desegregation in the South “outside of a few Texas cities.”  San Antonio, one of those cities, desegregated six downtown lunch counters nearly two months ago.

In Corporation Court today, Eugene “Mike” Nolte, Republican party leader, is found not guilty of slapping Rev. Earl J. Graham during a May 3 protest in front of Joske’s segregated Camelia Room restaurant.   Nolte slapped Gordon after breaking through the protest line that he said was trying to keep him from entering the dining room.  Rev. Gordon, who had been charged with disturbing the peace, was also found not guilty.

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