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September 28 in San Antonio history...

A new signal, an electric horn, which will warn pedestrians and vehicles of approaching fire-fighting apparatus, has been ordered on the recommendation of City Electrician Claude Convers and will be installed by him at the corner of Commerce and St. Mary’s streets. It will be operated on the Gamewell circuit and the moment a fire call is given, which will send fire motors from the central station northward on St. Mary’s street, this horn will begin sounding.  The sound, according to Mr. Convers, is unlike any sound now in use in the city and will be easily distinguishable.

The City Central Bank and Trust, one of the larger banks in the city, closes by order of the State Banking Commission.  This sparks a “run” on another large bank in town – Frost Bank.  The president of NBC Bank instructs employees to accept no new accounts from those who had withdrawn their funds from Frost. “That’s a sound bank,” said president J. K. Baretta.  “If they’ll withdraw from Frost, they’ll do the same thing to us later.”

Cab Calloway and his New York Cotton Club entertainers opened a week’s engagement at the Majestic Theater (right).

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