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September 29 in San Antonio history...

Workmen begin razing the Vance House at Nueva and Dwyer, despite protests from the Conservation Society.  The Vance House, a Greek Revival mansion,  was built between 1857 and 1859 by James Vance, a local banker. Col. Robert E. Lee, walking under the grape arbors on its grounds, was said to have decided to resign a colonelcy in the United States (Union) Army and join the Confederacy, though he was fundamentally opposed to rebellion.  Having made up his mind, he announced at a dinner in the Vance House’s great dining room:  “If Virginia secedes, I shall stand with her.”  Virginia seceded and Lee became the Commander of the Confederate armies.  The Federal Reserve Bank currently stands on the site. (photo from the UTSA Archives)

San Antonio’s largest building, the Transit Tower, was sold to the Citizen’s Republic Insurance Company for $1 million.

Rubber hoses are back at the county jail and prisoners will get "belted" by them if they complain about the food, so says Sheriff Owen Kilday who says "civil rights or no—these whips are back to stay." 

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