Tuesday, August 11, 2020

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October 5 in San Antonio history...

This advertisement appears in the San Antonio Light:
Notice to the Ex-Students of the University of Texas
By special arrangement with the university athletic authorities members of the San Antonio Ex-Students’ Association may secure choice seats for the Texas-Oklahoma game before the same are placed on sale for the general public. All university ex-students desiring to take advantage of this arrangement must join the association before Monday noon. See Prof O. A. Pfeiffer, of the Main Avenue High School, or Dick O. Terrell, in the Central Trust Bldg.

Texas A&M defeats Tulsa, 41-6, in the first college football game at the brand new Alamo Stadium.  The first Aggie to score a touchdown was Derace Moser (right).

The first of a fleet of 50 air-conditioned buses was received today and will go into service on some of’ the heavier traffic routes this week, according to Laurence Wingerter, vice-president and general manager of the Transit company.

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