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December 14 in San Antonio history...

The Texas Legislature approved the incorporation of the city of San Antonio.  The city had previously been known as Presidio San Antonio de Béxar and the Villa of San Fernando de Béxar.

The San Antonio Light reports on the labor involved by the Parks and Recreation Department in constructing the annual Christmas tree in Alamo Plaza:  Five city trucks are employed to haul 10,000 pounds of cedar branches to the plaza. It takes 500 man-hours to cut and haul the cedar to the site, and 956 man-hours to construct the steel frame and assemble the tree.  The tree is 60 feet tall. There are 3,000 colored light bulbs; 100 8-inch papier-mache half-balls, 20 12-inch papier-mache half-balls, 50 8-inch tone bells and 10 12-inch tone bells, 400 yards of 4-inch garland, 200 yards of plain aluminum foil and 100 yards of red plastic ribbon decorating the tree.

Converse Judson scores on a 76-yard pass with seven seconds left to defeat Midland High, 33-32, in the State Championship game.

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