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January 5 in San Antonio history...

Bexar County is created by order of the Republic of Texas Congress. It was originally much, much larger. By 1850, it went all the way to the panhandle! 128 Texas counties have been created from Bexar County.

The poll tax is an assured fact. But some of these days the true inwardness of that amendment will be seen and the men who were for it first, last and always, will wonder by what perversity of judgement they were led to advocate a measure so unnecessary and hurtful.

1961>January 5 in San Antonio history...
Randolph A.F.B. was testing a number of vehicles for possible adoption as an economical means of transport around the base. The photo featured in the newspaper was the Crofton Bug, a miniature jeep. (Photo courtesy of the Crosley Auto Club.)

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