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«September 2016»

August 28 in San Antonio history…

Pope Pius IX creates the San Antonio Catholic diocese as part of the Archdiocese of New Orleans.

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August 29 in San Antonio history…

Studer Camera Company is established by Ben Studer in a small building on the front of a lot at 2118 Main Avenue.

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August 30 in San Antonio history…

The San Antonio Herald, a weekly newspaper, published by J. M. West  & J. P. Newcomb, ceases publication.

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September 3 in San Antonio history…

Municipal Auditorium is dedicated as a memorial to the city’s WWI dead.

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September 4 in San Antonio history

San Antonio switches over to the dial telephone system. Telephone exchanges change from Crockett, Travis, Mission and Woodlawn to Belmont, Cathedral, Fannin, Garfield, Kenwood, Lambert, Parkview and Pershing.

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September 7 in San Antonio history…

Rain began falling in San Antonio and would continue for three days leading to widespread flooding, killing 51 people and causing millions of dollars in damages. The flood was caused by some of the heaviest rainfall ever recorded in Texas. The immense amount of rain quickly overwhelmed the the San Antonio River. Most of the victims were trapped in their cars by the surprise flood and drowned. Five to 10 feet of water submerged the city’s streets, delaying an evacuation. The city was underwater for nearly a week following the flood, which was responsible for at least $5 million in damages. In the aftermath, San Antonio embarked on a 10-year overhaul of its flood system.

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Crow Smarts

Did you know that crows can use tools? That’s right, the crows living on New Caledonia, an island north of New Zealand, use plant stems to coax grubs out of logs. Some of these crows even shape plant leaves into useful tools.
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Build Your Back-to-School Toolkit with Free Resources from the San Antonio Public Library

Your most important school supply is your San Antonio Public Library Card

San Antonio Public Library wants to remind students and their families of the many free resources available with a San Antonio Public Library card. Throughout the school year, the Library serves the community in multiple ways by offering resources to support children, teens and educators

Things Get Groovy at Central Library with End-of-Summer Party for Families

Central Library celebrates the end of summer with SummerFest

Central Library celebrates the end of summer with SummerFest, a 1960’s themed family-friendly party featuring crafts, photo opportunities, refreshments, and a special visit from KLRN star Martha from “Martha Speaks”.

Thousand Oaks Branch Library Reopens After Renovations

Library improvements funded in the 2018 City Budget

Thousand Oaks Branch Library at 4618 Thousand Oaks Dr., 78233 in District 10 has reopened today, July 6th, after being temporarily closed for improvements funded in the 2018 City Budget. 

Pan American Branch Library Reopens After Renovations

- Library improvements funded in the 2018 City Budget

Pan American Branch Library at 1122 W. Pyron Ave., 78221 in District 3 has reopened today, July 5th, after being temporarily closed for renovations and improvements funded in the 2018 City Budget. During the closure, the library branch received new furniture, new teen and children’s areas, new and improved computer tables, and more. The renovations were designed to ensure that the library remains a valuable community asset. Pan American Branch Library will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2019.

50 Free Digital Magazine Subscriptions Now Available with Your San Antonio Public Library Card

Direct access to OK! Magazine, Newsweek, Reader’s Digest, Bloomberg Businessweek, and more with no waiting and no holds

San Antonio Public Library is now offering free access to 50 of the most popular national magazines. Digital issues of the magazines are available to San Antonio Public Library card holders on any internet enabled mobile device through the Libby or OverDrive apps automatically, with no waiting and no holds.